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Addis Ababa , Ethiopia

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(GMT +3:00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg

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AM a beginner for this kind of stuff but am sure i will do well, I love teaching others, I used to teach Adobe Photoshop back in the campus, its been a long time since I shared my skill and knowledge to others but I think I'm ready now, specially I wanna teach Amharic Language.......Amharic have its own letters, its an ancient language and its been the official language of Ethiopia since like forever and Am proud b/c Amharic is my mother tongue. You can express your Feeling, your sadness, happiness, Love with simple and different kind of words, for example In English If you wanna refer someone or a single person or a person with a specification of gender you will have to use the word "You" including pointing that person from the group of bunch of people but in Amharic You can use አንተ pronounced as Ante to point out the boy or the man one from that group of people and አንቺ for the lady one and if you wanna refer a group of people in English you still gonna use "YOU" .....Example You people is a phrase that have the same meaning in Amharic Phrase(ሃረግ pronounced as Hareg it means phrase in Amharic) እናንተ you don't even have to use people to refer people but if you want to you can add ሰዎች so you people will be translated to እናንተ ሰዎች።

I've been working in IT Environment for the past three years and now am in the position of Functional ERP Engineer for one of the biggest Company in Ethiopia called Elnet Technologies which is a sister company of El-Auto Engineering, El-Delta, EL TNT, El Taxi(Taxiye)....and other companies too.

I have Bachelor Degree in Information System
Amharic is my mother tongue
I'm Advanced in English Language
I can also speak and hear a little bit of Hindi

Listening music
Series TV Shows

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