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Name: Russell R.
Wants To Learn: English      Current Level: Advanced

Lives In: North Oxford, Massachusetts, USA
Timezone: (GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

Want Free Trial: No      Ideal Rating: 4.5 stars or higher
Approximate Budget: $100 USD per hour

I am an experienced financial consultant with direct access to reliable issuer, provider and direct monetizer of SBLC and BG, MTN, BONDS, BD etc.

Issuance is via top AA-rated Banks in Europe such as Barclays bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, etc.

We provide an exclusive one-stop shop service structure for SBLC issuance and it’s monetization for our client’s project financing needs.

Contact me today for your SBLC, BG and Monetization needs.

Contact: Mr. Russell D. Walcott

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