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Name: Samual A.
Wants To Learn: German      Current Level: Intermediate

Lives In: Johannesburg, South Australia, Australia
Timezone: (GMT -9:00) Alaska

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We assist clients in improving their credit scoring, removing debt review, as well as negative listings (such as judgments)
We can also assist you if your credit report reflects outdated or incorrect information by disputing it with the relevant authorities and restoring your good name.
If you are having difficulties obtaining a loan or credit, it might mean that you have low credit score dew to your past financial history/behavior or you are blacklisted on credit bureau.
Blacklisting is normally classified under the following:
Judgements/Negative listings

There are various credit bureaus in South Africa or world , but the bureaus listed below are
mainly used by the Credit Providers when assessing your credit worthiness:

TransUnion ITC

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