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(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima

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My interests are in the math and sciences and I explored those subjects with great depth both in the IB curriculum, on my own, and through prestigious academic competitions. My pursuits have led to the Math Departmental Award from my school and the noteworthy title of Sunshine State Scholar from the State of Florida for excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

As a tutor, I can offer my expertise in a variety of subjects. I have developed very refined study and time management skills that I am more than happy to share. I have been able to get through ten AP exams, with eight 5's and two 4's, thanks to my study habits and planning. I have been tutoring constantly, way before I began using this site. I have accumulated over 100 hours of tutoring at my local library and at my school. I understand the importance of pacing, encouragement, and milestones in tutoring.

I am also very familiar with the standardized college tests such as the SAT and ACT. I received a perfect score of 36 on the ACT and I have an SAT of 2320. In addition, I also received perfect scores of 800 on the SAT Subject tests of Mathematics Level 2, Chemistry, and Physics, and a near-perfect score of 780 on the Biology. I can help you achieve that extra level of finesse to score that perfect score or cause massive improvement from any initial score level.

I have a great deal of experience in Mathematics, learning, teaching, tutoring, competing, and exploring. I've written two research papers in Mathematics, one on Game Theory and the other on the advanced calculus level Fourier Series. I have won a total of four 1st place titles in Mu Alpha Theta over the entire State of Florida. I have also qualified for the AIME four times and won 1st place in the entire United States for the Log1 Mathematics competition. I have an intuitive approach to mathematics that focuses more on teaching the student to think critically and discover patterns on his or her own, rather than on memorization of processes or formulas.

In the sciences, my true strength is in Chemistry, where I have a deep understanding of the underlying themes, and can apply them to a variety of topics. I almost never stress memorization; instead every concept has a reason, and an understanding of that reason creates a fluency in that subject. I have won 5th and 2nd at the University of Florida Chemathon Competition and placed 1st out of over 360 students in the Tampa Bay area Chemistry Olympiad Competition. I am also a Biology Olympiad semifinalist and placed 3rd and 2nd in the Florida Science Bowl. My experience in science has not only breadth, but also depth; I did an extensive summer research project at FSU in Biochemistry. I have a AP score of 5 on BC Calculus, Statistics, Computer Programming, US History, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics.

I treat my students with the highest regard and I personalize every tutoring sessions to best meet the needs of the student. I have an innovative way of teaching backed by a extensive knowledge in the subject matter. The success of the student is my first priority.

I graduated from Palm Harbor University's IB Program as Valedictorian and I am currently attending Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

My hobbies are Piano and Table Tennis. I pursue both with dedication during my free time and I deeply enjoy them. My piano playing is unique because I lay a significantly greater emphasis on the emotions of the music. Often I break established guidelines in favor of a personal expression of the piece. Not only is it more fun and personalized, but I have received many honors, including several 1st place awards in piano competitions, a mathematical understanding of harmonization and music theory, and 2nd place at the Walker's Rising Stars Competition against ALL instruments. I admit though, I am still a novice at Table Tennis, but I will gladly show beginners some basic strokes and spins.

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